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Snow Special Effects.

Welcome to snow special effects, a microsite on snow and ice effects for film and tv. We create realistic snow storms, blizzards, falling snow flurries to ground snow coverage, icicle, frost and ice effects. Creating snow special effects is complicated; there are many snow products available, but there is an infinitely wider variety of snow. We use products supplied by Snow Business, we've found they give great realism on their own or blended with real snow, and so far have worked in any application or environment.

We've a list here of special effects snow products, together with a little technique, and other 'snow' products used in creating volcanic or fire ash special effects. Let us know if you are thinking about using a snow or ash effect, we'll be happy to discuss our approach! Ground snow outdoors SnowCel paper snow, Snow Ex Foam snow, PowderFrost, Snow Membrane, Snow Blanket, Polymer Snow Ground snow indoors SnowCel, Display Snow, Plastic Snow, Polymer Snow Falling snow Dry foam snow, SnowSticks, Paper snow, Tissue snow, Starch snow, Shredded polythene Frost Light frost using PowderFrost, Heavy frost using SnowCel (half size), Frost on glass (can be achieved by using FrostSpray from a can or traditionally with a mix of beer and salts applied with a brush, both produce incredible looking effects), Magnesium Sulphate Ice Frozen ponds, ice rivers, ice caves can be created using white waxes. Arctic Effects Blizzards use white waxes for frozen bodies and sets (can be applied to artistes too!). Ash BlackCel, GreyCel, Moondust, Black Display Snow, even shredded biodegradable stuff we used extensively on Ash effects for BBC's Krakatoa: The Last Days, filmed in South Africa and Madagascar on protected reserves and within conservation areas.

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  • 2000
    Sexy Beast
    Jonathan Glazer
  • 2004
    Seed of Chucky
    Don Mancini
  • 2005
    The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy
    Garth Jennings
  • 2006
    Scott Z Burns
  • 2006
    BBC Krakatoa
    Sam Miller
  • 2007
    The Hills have Eyes
    Martin Weisz
  • 2007
    The Man from London
    Béla Tarr
  • 2007
    Arn - The Knight Templar
    Peter Flinth
  • 2008
    Alex Aja
  • 2009/10
    The Way Back
    Peter Weir
  • 2012
    Ralph Fiennes
  • 2012
    The Invisible Woman
    Ralph Fiennes
  • 2013
    The Imitation Game
    Morten Tyldum
  • 2014
    The November Man
    Roger Donaldson
  • 2015
    A Bigger Splash
    Luca Guadagnino
  • 2016
    Young Men
    Michael Nunn
  • 2017
    Michael Noer
  • 2019
    The Eight Hundred
    Hu Guan